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fish taco

Baja style. Topped any way you want it.


sessy salsa

If it’s not made local, it’s not fresh. Ours is homemade.

$3.50 (16oz)

shrimp taco

Baja style with your choice of toppings. A perfect companion to the fish taco.


avocado salsa (16oz)

Fresh, rich & spicy. The best way to use avacados.

$5 (16oz)

potato taco

Vegetarian taco prepared Baja style with fresh toppings.


fresh taste
at a great price

“If it’s not made locally, it’s not fresh.”


Introducing Sessy’s Salsa. Sessy’s Salsas are fast becoming quite the sensation through careful and creative blending of flavors:

Radish Relish – “A family treasure for generations ‘lots of radish lots of lemon.'”
Mad Mango – “Classic and refreshing with a very pleasant kick.” – HOT
Mango Less – “All the passion none of the mango for the purist!” – HOT
La Crema Majica – “‘I like IT on top’. A traditional must.”
Traditional – “For our wimpy friends ‘no shame’.  Classic but no chile.” – MILD
Hot Guac – “‘Salsa’. Just what it says: a rich avocado salsa with the spices to take you over the top.” – HOT
Cabbage – “Fresh, thinly shredded and crunchy. One of the important textures.”
Pinapple Kiss – “Better than a French kiss and it lasts longer.”- HOT

All salsas subject to availability because we make them so fresh we sometimes run out.

What we do

a family tradition


Many years of making our food for our customers




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